Greece lookup problem reported.

May 6, 2008

Few problems have been reported related to Greece Lookups.

So we are re-compiling all the patterns for Greece. A notification will be posted once the update is completed.

Bosnia and Herzegovina update completed

May 6, 2008 now supports Bosnia and Herzegovina.

US Phone number owner information

May 5, 2008

TP2Location has a new feature !

When you enter a US geographic phone number for lookup, We quikly search Google PhoneBook for the owner information and if found, we display a label in the “Number Type” raw saying “Owner information and Map”. when you click the link, you will be taken to the google PhoneBook for the owner information.

Enjoy 🙂

Russian Federation update completed.

May 3, 2008

Update to the Russian Federation Geographical numbers have been completed.

Russian Geographic codes under recompilation

May 2, 2008

Russian Geographic codes under recompilation.

support for Bosnia and Herzegovina soon.

Cezch Republic updated complete !

May 2, 2008

TP2Location supports Czech Republic !

New updates for Belgium, Support for Cezch Republic

May 1, 2008

Updates have done to the Belgium Records. Support for Cezch Republic soon.

Argentina update complete

April 29, 2008

All Argentina updates  were completed for Geographical  and  Mobile services.

Nearly 25000 patterns were updated.

Argentina records under re-compilation

April 29, 2008

We are recompiling argentina records. will be updated shortly. Currently for Mobile numbers, we could not guarantee the accuracy of the results 🙂

Kazakhstan update completed !

April 29, 2008

Kazakhstan update completed ! TP2location supports Kazakhstan.